Join hundreds of activists converging in the SF Bay Area for a groundbreaking mass action for animals. It’s all part of a global campaign to achieve animal liberation in one generation! The California Convergence will include trainings to empower and educate yourself as an activist, community events to build connections in the animal rights movement, and a coordinated action with cities around the world asking legislators to support an Animal Bill of Rights. Let’s change the world for animals.

Why Convergence?

Animal rights activists are facing felony charges for rescuing animals from industrial farms in Sonoma County. Yet, in the face of this legal repression, the movement is growing. And this fall, we are uniting to make a powerful case in support of the Right to Rescue. We will take action to protect Rose, the chicken we rescued from a factory farm last September, and we will demand that our government respond to the public’s concern for animals by protecting them under the law. This will be a global effort with people around the world asking for an Animal Bill of Rights! 



 Connect and network with some of the most dedicated activists from all over the world



Educate the public, protest oppression and change how our society views animals.



Comprehensive training to help you be a leader in the animal rights movement. 

Is this the first Animal Liberation California Convergence?

No, DxE encourages chapters across the world to converge regionally to take powerful action for animals. The SF Bay Area has historically organized the DxE California Convergence, in addition to the Animal Liberation Western Convergence.

When and where is the convergence?

The Animal Liberation California Convergence is happening from September 28 to October 1 in Berkeley, California. Exact location TBA.

What about housing, food and transportation?

We aim to make the Convergence as affordable as possible. You will be expected to provide most of the meals for yourself during the convergence. We have a transportation and housing team who can help you find a place to stay but we can’t guarantee it. Check out the ALCC Housing Info page to find housing options. If you have any further questions, please email

What is the convergence schedule?

The convergence program is not yet determined.

Where do I register?

Register here!


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