Right before Thanksgiving 2018, hundreds of activists converged in the heart of Big Ag for trainings, community events, and historic actions for animals. With power in numbers, we dramatically changed the media narrative around the holiday, and brought peace, compassion, and hope to millions of animals. 

Why Utah?

Six open rescue activists investigated factory farms in Utah and rescued dying turkeys and piglets. They saved them from a life of exploitation and brought them to peaceful sanctuary homes. Today these activists are facing multiple felony charges and decades in prison.  With the industry facing unprecedented scrutiny, now is the time for animal rights activists to seize the opportunity to transform the way our society views our “food system.”



 Connect and network with some of the most dedicated activists from all over the world



Educate the public, protest oppression and change how our society views animals.



Comprehensive training to help you be a leader in the animal rights movement. 

will the convergence happen again in 2019?

No promises, but we intent to continue to organize conferences and convergences to provide activists with opportunities to train, connect with each other and gain inspiration. Of course, our main conference (the Animal Liberation Conference) is happening May 29th-June 4th and you won’t want to miss that!


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