ALCC colors:

red #D2353A

green #3DA455

Major version updates:

  • Improved consistency within all mediums

  • Liberation blue as accent color has been replaced by compassionate pink. Typeface, logo and other graphical elements are maintained.

  • Rationale: We are approaching this like a new Taylor Swift single. Most of the graphical elements are maintained to build up the brand identity of ALC (this is only the second year it is running) and to instantly be recognizable to fans of last year. Liberation blue being updated to compassionate pink is to give the aesthetics a slightly different and more exciting twist for participants who attended last year. This is similar to how the musical trajectory of Taylor Swift drifts linearly to be more 'pop' and 'edgier' every year - while maintaining much of the same elements of her last album.


  • No updates from ALC website from last year. Same exact typeface family.

  • Headings:

    • Flood Std.

  • Body:

    • Abel


  • Primary: NonViolence Grey

    • #4c4b4b; RGB (76, 75, 75); CMYK (65, 59, 57, 38)

  • Accent: Compassionate Pink

    • #fc92b5; RGB (252, 146, 181); CMYK (0, 54, 5, 0)

    • Overlayed opacity of 25%

  • Background Color: White

    • #ffffff; RGB(255, 255, 255); CMYK (0, 0, 0, 0)

Graphical elements

  • Logo package can be found here.

  • Large banner images: B&W with subtle gaussian (1.5-3px) blur, noise texture and with Compassionate Pink filter overlayed (at ~25% opacity)

ALC Event Cover Draft 2.3.jpg